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Provide a brief statement of the contents of the document and a list of headings.


Describe what the document is about, your purpose in developing it, when you created it, and what outcome you desire.


State the need for the proposed product/action. Explain why this is important to the recipients of the proposed product/action.


State the needs that a solution must satisfy in order to alleviate the stated problem.


Define the solution you propose and explain how will it satisfy the stated objectives.


  • Describe the method you plan to follow for implementing the action or creating the product you're proposing.
  • List the resources you will use (including assurances of their availability) for creating the product/action you propose.
  • Provide a feasible schedule of work for the proposed product/action.
  • Describe your capability and qualifications to complete the product/action you propose.


    Describe the cost of producing the action/product, including materials and equipment needed. If you propose to produce documents for a number of users, be sure to calculate the total cost of supplying the product to the requisite numbers of recipients. Explain how these costs will be met.


    Conclude the proposal with a brief summary of the points made and assurances that the proposed action/product is worth approval.