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Date: 3/22/94

Re: Proposal for Design Project- Reference Manual for Chairpeople of the Salado Art Fair, Salado, Texas

(You can either double-space or single-space the info above. Single-spacing may be preferable.)


The following document is a proposal to create a manual on how to chair an art fair, to be provided to volunteer workers from Salado, Texas. The major areas covered are "Design Specifications" and "Procedures for Creating the Document."


The purpose of this document is to "describe the nature, purpose, audience, and scope of [our] design project in sufficient detail and clarity to allow a different writer, if necessary, to complete the project according to [our] specifications" (Dragga 3). We hope to convince you that "[our] design project is both worthwhile and feasible" (3).

(Note that you'll need to provide more detailed information in introductions to longer documents.)

Design Specifications

Purpose of the Document

Salado, Texas is a small town located in central Texas approximately 45 miles from Austin. It is a community that enjoys a reputation as a haven for artists who produce both fine art and crafts. Twenty seven years ago the town sponsered an art fair to support the local artists as well as to generate funds for the Salado Chamber of Commerce and the tradition has been kept alive ever since. All the work involved in creating the fair, which has generated up to $85,000 to be used for town improvement, has been accomplished through the volunteer support of the citizens of Salado, a town with a population of approximately.

The purpose of the document is to provide an instruction guide for volunteer chair people who organize, supervise, and effectuate the Salado Art Fair each summer. Since for the past 27 years the art fair has been produced solely by volunteers from the town of Salado, Texas and none of the volunteers have professional experience in the production of festivals of this sort, the generation of capital from $50,000 to $85,000 each year makes the responsibility for its production of grave importance.

Chamber of Commerce officials yearly request that past art fair chairs provide the materials they used and records they kept throughout their respective productions of the art fair. These materials, as well as observation and questioning of past art fair chairpeople and Chamber of Commerce officials have provided acting chairs with the information they have needed to organize and produce the fair.

In the past 3 years the Chamber of Commerce has suggested that the outgoing chair provide a "how-to" manual to explain the procedures, schedules, and commitments made in order to produce the art fair. The year-long job of producing the art fair is exhausting for the chairs who volunteer and when the fair ends, no outgoing chair has the energy or inclination to create a document of the scope that a manual of this kind requires; therefore, the manual has never been written, although the need increases each year.

Our purpose, then, is to collect the data necessary and compile a manual that future art fair chairpeople may use for the next several years. As information about the art fair changes, future chairpeople will be able to addend the document to fit their purposes.

Audience for the Document

The audience for the document will be future chairpeople of the annual Salado Art Fair. The audience is made of inexperienced volunteers but it is customary for the new chair to have served as a committee chair for the previous year's art fair. The audience will be familiar with the town and its physical layout, the individuals who serve on the Salado Chamber of Commerce, and the past art fair chairperson and committee chairpeople.

Related Publications

There will be no publications directly related to the document we propose here, but there are a number of related documents that must be created for successful production of the art fair itself. These documents include ad copy, artist registration and orientation forms, and inviatations to special events. We will describe in detail the information that these documents should contain and we will offer suggestions for their appearance and relationship to the art fair. We will not, however, produce these documents since each new chair must create the documents that best convey the different themes of each new art fair.

Size and Scope of the Document

The size of the Salado Art Fair Manual will be 20 to 40 pages in length, inclusive of maps of the grounds, photographs of past art fair events, copies of past radio and television copy, ad copy, and examples of mailout materials for registration, fees, and invitations for the artists as well as patrons of the fair itself.

Verbal-Visual Orientation

In applying the Verbal/Visual Orientation Survey (Dragga 1/25/94) we determined that the document should include both verbal and visual elements but privilege verbal communiction.

Because the discourse aim for the document is informative, the information will be presented with a verbal emphasis. In addition, the document is not immediately urgent and users will be motivated to read it; therefore, these elements contribute to the need for a verbal format. However, because users will want both seqential and random access to the document and because there will be a wide disparity in education levels and familiarity with the subject, some visual elements will be included.

Description of the Typography

Because chairpeople who use this document will be of a broad variety, the basic font used will be 12 point Palatino. This font choice should be appropriate for its ease of reading and for its professional appearance.

The headings and subheadings will be set in Zapf Chancery bold 14-16 point type in order to give the document an artistic appearance to encourage chairpeople to produce a creative program.

Description of the Illustrations

The illustrations in the document will include time schedules, lists of steps to accomplish, checklists for tasks, actual printed materials from past art fairs and photogaphs of grounds, artwork, booths, and activities from past art fairs.

The photographs and copies of past print materials will be important for indicating to new chairpeople the kind of materials that can elicit the desired quality and spirit of a succesful fair. Because not all chairpeople wil have artistic or creative ability, these materials will be catalysts for ideas and help to illustrate the need for professional, coordinated art fair materials to generate interest from fair guests who have both an interest in art as well as the financial means to invest in the work of fine artists as well as craftspeople.

Procedures for Creating the Document

Personnel Required

The personnel required for the production of this document includes 2 writers, one who is also the photographer for the document, a past chairperson who will provide information concerning past production materials and information, and 2 testers who live in Salado, Texas.


We will create the document in a Macintosh version of Microsoft Word 5.1 using an LCII and Powerbook 165c. We will then flow the text from Microsoft Word into Pagemaker 4.0 in order to create the page design layout.

In addition, we will use IBM Autocad for creating the maps.

In order to insure the best representation of past fair settings and to limit cost of production, we will attach color photographs directly to the document.


We will utilize the following schedule in order to complete the Art Fair manual by the due date.

(List your schedule here, using white space to make the material accessible to the reader.)


A you can see from the above document, the art fair manual we propose is needed, feasible, and cost effective. We hope that you will accept our proposal to create the document that we have described above. We will be happy to provide any additional material that would help you in making your decision.

(Please note that I have included a rather sketchy conclusion. You may want to provide a summary of the points you make in your document in addition to the kind of information that I provided above.)