Technical Document Examples

 Campus Flyer
 The Resume
 Flashy Brochure
 Fire Sign
 Program Ad
 The Company

The examples in this section are PDF representations of real documents that have been used in real-life circumstances. As you click the highlighted icon placed over different visual fields of these representations, you will see evaluative comments regarding the effectiveness of various aspects of the documents.

This site will let you see how the concepts and principles that form the basis of the "Info" section operate in application.

   The Campus Flyer

Hard to read and hard to understand, this flyer will do little more than add to the over-abundance of clutter on campus bulletin boards.

   The Resume

No document is responsible for handwringing more than the resume. Although the variations are endless, a good resume follows basic rules. This example shows some of the common resume mistakes. See if you can guess what they are before clicking on the dialogue boxes

   The Flashy Brochure

This brochure seems to have it all: fifties-style graphics (at a time when that was cool), artsy colors, droll humor, and an interesting shape. But is it well-designed?

   Fire Sign

FIRE! Thank god someone posted a sign for just such an emergency. can't read it because it's so badly designed...

   Program Advertisement

This brochure acts as a advertisement for a school in Ireland. Although the program itself might be exciting and rewarding, the brochure does not do a good job of communicating those possibilities. Explore this example to find out why.

   The Company Report

This 13-page document has all the standard features of the successful standard report.