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Fall 2000

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All quizzes are at the scheduled class meeting time/place:
Monday at 2:05 PM /
DM Smith 105.

Principles and Concepts of Technical Communication

elcome to LCC 3400, Principles and Concepts of Technical Communication. This site will be the locus of your one-hour class treating the core principles and concepts you'll likely encounter in developing an understanding of the basic framework of thought in technical communication.


To view the PDF documents in Icarus correctly, you have to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0. You can download the plug-in free from Adobe at: www.adobe.com

Dates for quizzes:

  • Quiz 1 (memos) Monday, September 11
  • Quiz 2 (proposals) Monday, September 25
  • Quiz 3 (formal, analytical reports) Monday, October 9
  • Quiz 4 (brochures) Monday, October 30
  • Quiz 5 (resumes and applications) Monday, November 13
  • Review Quiz Monday, December 4
  • Final Exam -- Wednesday, December 13 at 2:50

You may use this site as a way to prepare for a future production/writing course in technical communication or you may use it simply as a means to become familiar with some of the guiding concepts in the field. However you use it, we encourage you to carefully read and respond to each area of the site to gain the most from your time here. Also, please don't hesitate to ask questions and volunteer feedback as you work through the course. Click on the icons to the upper-left to read brief descriptions of the sections in Icarus.


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